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Wild extreme methods of survival

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Water sources

Receive fire

Food gathering




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Orientation by the stars

Clean water?

Extraction of fire hand drill

Hunting for snakes


Canopy-tent of a fallen tree

Large predators

Signal fire

Safety camp

Extraction of fresh water

Orientation in the jungle

Movement in the desert

Limited resources of the island

Cattail - survival tool

Danger in the mountains

Shelter from snow and ice

Orientation in forest

Orienteering without a compass

The orientation of the sun

Water - the best guide

Highly sit - look away

Methods for cleaning and disinfection

Water. Where there are no rivers

Tea with pine needles and berries

Get a fire with a bow

Die-cutting sparks

Extraction of the fire with a lighter

Hunting and cooking the snake march

The diet of worms and insects

Reservoirs - the source of food

Cooking Fish in clay

Storage of excess provisions

Birds' eggs

Fishing with a spear

Love nectar?

Hunting with a throwing stick

Dive off a cliff

River Rafting

Climbing the rise in the tube

Water barriers

A bed of heated stones

Natural cover Caves

The choice of parking spaces

Cut down a tree with a knife

Dome tent



Thermal shock

Flash flooding

How to scare away wild animals

How to escape from quicksand, quagmire

Waterfalls and rapids

Venomous animals and plants. The bright coloration


Avalanche Mudflow Rockfall


Active volcanoes

Caution - Snakes!


Submission of a light signal to calamity

Bread crumbs or Ariadne's thread

International distress signals

The basic signal set

Gifts of water

The importance of personal hygiene

Psychology of survival

Survival knife

Sharpening a knife means at hand

Weather sign

What good dungeon

Natural rope

The distress signal at sea

Survival in cold water

Food in the autonomous navigation

Dangers of autonomously

With a machete in the jungle

Liana - is a universal commodity

Food in the jungle

Mosquitoes - King of the Jungle

Shelter in the jungle

Mound - a godsend

Getting the fire in the jungle

Edible fruit jungle

Search for water in the desert

The dangers of the desert

Exploration of the island

The distress signal on the island

Types of uninhabited islands

Escape from the island. Stay or swim?

Fishing with his hands

Feeding by insects

Vegetable intake in the taiga

Orienteering in the mountains

Technology movement in the mountains

Food in the mountains

Extraction of food in the Arctic

Go to the Far North

Subpolar latitudes of danger

Traps in hunting game

Plants - Rescuers

Homemade compass

Rainwater Harvesting

Gathering secondary hunting

Catching fish from under the ice

Bond, James Bond...

Movement at night

Building a raft

Thin Ice

Bow and arrow

Outdoor tableware made of natural materials

Survival in the swamp

Slingshot. Sling. Knobstick

Survival in the fire. Burning wood

Dangers of the jungle

Extraction of water in the jungle

Orientation in the desert

Scenarios for the end


Survival strategy



Equipment. Electronics

Weapon. Where to get weapons

Weapon for street fighting. The tactics of urban warfare

Valuable combat skills

Base camp

Heating. Pleasures of the Russian winter

Grouping Clan Allies

Means of communication

Resources of a new era

Wild animals of the future

Penetration to the protected area

Of danger. Radiation Army Competitors

Compact set of cooking on the fire

Coniferous sap resin use in the campaign

Anthill to help extremals


Books about the survival

Encyclopedia of Extreme Survival

Encyclopedia of Survival

Reference mushroomer

100 extreme situations

Survival tutorial

Survival in extreme situations

Technique survival in extreme conditions

In the world of landmarks

Man in extreme conditions


Orientation by the stars

Downhill skiing during extreme survival in the wild - are extremely important. Must use all possible ways and signs to navigate...

Orienteering without a compass

Murphy's Law is that when we need some object, for we have not provided. We did not have today, but...

Orientation in forest

Perhaps the most frequent and likely scenario an extreme situation in the CIS countries - to get lost in unfamiliar terrain,...

Bow and arrow

Hunting - practically the only way to get yourself high-calorie, meat, protein foods under conditions of extreme survival. The more effective...

Extraction of fresh water

When autonomous navigation on the high seas, acute issue of fresh drinking water. Around literally a sea of water, but...

The orientation of the sun

Sun - a good reference, since ancient times, man servant. However, many ordinary people who had never before confronted with orientation...

Traps in hunting game

Allows a person to hunt in the wild to provide a game - meat, protein food. Hunt can be as small...

Survival in the swamp

Swamp - one of the most inhospitable of places where people have to survive. The complexity of survival lies in a...

Homemade compass

When a person is in extreme conditions, usually it does not take in anything that is essential for survival, including...

Cattail - survival tool

Cattail - marsh plants, with a wide habitat distribution. Practically on the banks of taiga ponds can meet cattail, on the...

Weapon for street fighting. The tactics of urban warfare

A very special occasion of engagement and implementation of force are fighting in urban environments, street fighting. In today's article...

Vegetable intake in the taiga

Taiga is a complex habitat. Get nutrition in boreal conditions is difficult. Is not always possible to get meat, protein...

Edible fruit jungle

Most effectively in the jungles of tropical fruits to eat. They are tasty, nutritious. They can quickly eat and collecting...

Extraction of fire hand drill

Obviously, in terms of autonomous survival in the wild, the fire - it is life itself. It happens that a person...

Dangers of the jungle

Jungles and rain forests pose a lot of dangers. To learn how to survive in the jungle and protect itself...

Weapon. Where to get weapons

Whatever the scenario disaster, whether it be war, revolution, environmental devastation, etc., guns just need to survive. In any case,...

Dome tent

In today's article we will discuss the construction of more or less solid shelter in the wild - a domed tent....

Die-cutting sparks

When the fire is very important to breed, and there are no matches or lighters to go to any trick....

Penetration to the protected area

If your plan was listed on the penetration of the protected area, you should not be thrust back hurriedly, without...

Grouping Clan Allies

Survive one tough. And if it is not just about survival, and the conquest of domination in the new world...

Feeding by insects

In extreme survival when a person loses weight much, just needed protein food. But to get it is not easy....


The desert - not a heavenly place, and the most that on is hell. Unbearable heat, virtually no sources of water,...

Anthill to help extremals

In the forests of the middle band, in the forest, you can always find anthills. How is it possible to...

Methods for cleaning and disinfection

What does it mean for human water? Stupid question, right? :) Water - it is life itself! Our body is more...

Coniferous sap resin use in the campaign

When you are in the extreme conditions of survival - you need to use all possible means of natural materials and...

Venomous animals and plants. The bright coloration

In the wanderings of a person, one way or another, in contact with the flora and fauna. Somewhere eats animals...

How to scare away wild animals

Wildlife fraught with a lot of dangers. A threat to humans in extreme environments, are wild animals, large predators. And...

Valuable combat skills

Extreme survival in a global catastrophe or war requires a person of many skills associated with the conduct of hostilities,...

Water - the best guide

Today we talk about a very distinguished, but at the same time a little-known survival for non-professionals, a method of...


Readiness! Readiness - this is one of the key components of the forces of man. If a person is ready for...