Receive fire

Fire - this is a deadly element, and a powerful survival factor, in one person. You can say that the man became man, subdued light, to teach him to produce and maintain. The ability to control and use fire, sets us apart from wildlife, gives us a trump card in the struggle for survival.

However, the fire must be able to get through improvised means, in the most difficult conditions: in the icy grip of the far north, at an altitude mountain passes, in the humid jungle, soaked in a typhoon taiga.

After the fire is crucial for survival. Fire heats the man in cold weather. Illuminates the makeshift camp long cold nights. Flames of fire helps a person to scare off predators and insects. This is especially true in the forest and jungle, where rampant midges, mosquitoes, gnats. Of course, the fire - it is also a hotbed for cooking, boiling-water disinfection. It is very important, as is much nicer and safer to consume cooked over a campfire, hot food than wet and cold. Among other things, the fire very uplifting, adjusts man to fight.

In this section of the site will examine various ways to get the fire using available tools, options for building fires, methods of maintenance of fire and its use in various emergency situations.

Hand friction fire



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