Polar regions of our planet are always attracted to her desperate explorers and researchers of all stripes. Should be frank - many of them remained imprisoned in the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. Travel to the northern or southern polar regions - a huge risk, because conditions there are just incredible. Severe frosts, strong winds inflow discharges, the northern predator, and around the ice, snow and cold water of the ocean.

This articles section of our site dedicated to the survival of the Arctic Circle. Of course, in an expedition to these regions are loaded with mostly at the level of governments or large research institutions. Individual small groups of tourists - there is no place in such a harsh region. Still, survival in polar conditions deserves attention as one of the toughest tests of the human will, knowledge and internal resources.

The articles in this block, we shall discuss features of survival at prohibitively low temperatures of the Far North and Antarctica. Consider ways of movement on the endless ice, as well as the device stops, starting with the staff, finishing with shelters made of ice and snow. Talk about a rare but so important to human survival, the fauna of these regions of Earth.



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