Mountains, the pristine beauty of ice annually attracts a huge mass of tourists. Winter sports and just want to stand on skis, involves more and more desperate, in perhaps the most life-threatening regions of our planet. Going to the mountains we must always remember that it is not only a place where you can ski and enjoy the extraordinary scenery. In the mountains, you can break away from the rocks, fall in a hole, pull over an avalanche or rockfall, or simply lost. At high altitudes is very difficult climate. Weather can change before our eyes. It seems to be friendly, relatively warm day the mountain at night often holds down a hard frost. We should not forget about the sparsity of the atmosphere and oxygen starvation, especially at high altitudes. In short, the dangers are more than enough in the mountains and carelessness is inexcusable.

As tourism in the mountains so popular, and knowledge of survival in this area all the more in demand. Agree that in the event of any incident in the mountains, it is better to be in all the weapons, know how and what to do, how to behave in one way or another emergency.

This section contains articles about survival in mountainous areas. Details the dangers that pose a mountainous regions of our planet, as well as techniques for survival in the mountains, production of food and water, the device of the camp, orientation in these difficult circumstances. Considered separately climbing techniques and how to move on the complicated terrain of the mountains.



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