Taiga is perhaps the most real and close to us, the inhabitants of the CIS countries, the area wildlife. And many parts of the zone of mixed forests might well be equated to the taiga. So, this section will could not be more relevant for the Russian-speaking readers.

Taiga - a thick, impenetrable, mostly coniferous forest, which stretches across northern Eurasia. Also, the taiga can be considered analogous to the zone in North America. Taiga stretches for miles. And I must say that the lost man in the forest, not very easy to get out of the "forest's embrace."

Taiga forest

Taiga forests are fraught with many dangers. Ferocious predators such as bears, wolves, lynx, etc. do not give the traveler to relax and enjoy the charms of taiga. In addition, in the taiga are very difficult to navigate - one site, frequently, like the other. For that reason, not to walk in circles, should follow closely the planned route. On how not to wander in the forest, we'll talk specifically in articles in this section.

Great danger to man lost in the taiga, is a long winter, threatening 40-ka - 50-tigradusnymi frosts. We have to admit that the chances of survival in the forest in winter is extremely low. Particularly difficult to manage to wrap long taiga night, when the frost just rolls over.

Regarding water and food in the forest they can successfully produce only at a certain skill and knowledge. To do this, a thorough knowledge of flora and fauna of the forest. To distinguish between edible mushrooms and berries, to be able to hunt small game and birds, earn one's living fish in boreal streams and lakes. About these aspects of survival, we will talk in detail in the articles in this section.




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