Survival in the wilderness - perhaps the most severe test of the possible. Around hundreds of kilometers of tropical sun scorched sands. Find the water source is extremely difficult. As well as shelter and sustenance. Just squeaking in the teeth sand... and everything.

Desert in its texture somewhat similar to the surface of other planets. Miles of lifeless dust. The only difference is the presence of air and a rare living creatures: snakes, scorpions and certain insects.

Extreme survival in the wilderness is not only extremely difficult, but has many features. This block of articles aimed at extreme lighting to survive in desert conditions. Specifically looks at ways of production of drinking water, to maintain the body in the most difficult period of transition in the desert. Understand particular protection from sand and contrasting temperatures typical of desert regions. Much attention is given to few, but essential to the survival of the desert - animals and plants.

In the deserts, despite the difficult conditions, people live. In general, these nomadic tribes, the organization which has remained at the level of medieval at best. Nevertheless, many tricks of survival is to take the life of desert nomads. This aspect is also highlighted in the articles of this section.



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Orientation in the desert

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Search for water in the desert

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Movement in the desert

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