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Technology movement in the mountains

Move to the mountains is difficult and dangerous. You need to have good shoes, with a prehensile protector, special equipment and skills of climbing. In this review we discuss the basic techniques of movement in the mountains. This issue will be considered from the standpoint of autonomous survival, ie, - You are alone with the mountains.

So, there are three basic types of motion in the mountains up on the pass or up the mountain, down the slopes of the mountains; direct movement of visor brow.


Upswing. The complexity of recovery depends on the steepness of the slope and nature of the surface. If the slopes are relatively flat and composed of solid rock, then go up even without special equipment. If the slopes are steep or vertical, mountain old, crumbling slope surface when walking on it, the slopes are covered with snow - in these cases, to successfully and safely climb up, you need to have shoes with spikes on the soles, and enjoy climbing with a hammer, rope, insurances.


It is effective to move up the hill not directly, but a zig-zag: the angle right and up, then at an angle to the left and up. Especially effective this technique is easy to crumbling and the snowy slopes. At not very steep slope, with such a technique can not climb even taking your skis go up the so-called ladder to become almost perpendicular to the ski slope and slid back and down.

The descent from the slopes of the mountains, also depends on the nature of the surface of the mountain. If the slope is relatively flat, not overgrown by forest, is not covered by ice, has a relatively hard surface - it makes sense to apply the technique of downhill. In all other situations: complex contours of the slope; treacherous, slippery slope surface, steep cliffs - should slow down and measured, using climbing equipment and insurance.


If you need to go down with a rather steep snow-covered slope, you should use climbing with a hammer, a fragment of a strong branch or ski stick as a brake. You simply slips on his belly down the slope, and stuck into the snow edge, trying to slow down.

Snow downhill

Skirt the mountain along a ledge or cap need only to insurance. If you do not have tethers, and there is nothing to replace them, it should be good to think whether to do so risky maneuver. If the ledge is narrow, the mountains old, with a dodgy structure, and you're not a professional climber, then you should look for another solution to overcome the difficult part.

Around the rock



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