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Feeding by insects

In extreme survival when a person loses weight much, just needed protein food. But to get it is not easy. Getting lost in the forest or mixed forest, people are not always armed and able to hunt large and medium game. Hunting for small game hunting and fishing can not bring the desired results, but the need for protein does not alter this fact. Then, we have to pay attention to the insects and their larvae.

In the insect protein. This is important! Yes, we are not all the inhabitants of the south-east Asia, and insects, worms, larvae - not a delicacy for us. However, there are times when you should discard the disgust is. Survival in the forest - this is a case in point.

So, what insects are suitable for food and where to find them.

The ants. In the taiga, the mass of ant and if you were there in the summer, you can safely eat black ants and ant eggs. Ants can be eaten raw (just bite off the head). From the eggs of ants can even cook like a broth. Do not eat red ants. They are too sharp to the taste and contain a lot of acid.

Old tree

Beetles, dragonflies, I would not say that it is very much edible. These insects dense chitinous integument. But tearing the main shell - the rest can be eaten.

The worms. Almost all types of earthworms are suitable for food.

The larvae of large beetles. In larvae of the protein in more than beef. Vile creatures, but very nutritious. Are found in the larvae truhlyh stumps and trees, a friable fatty earth, humus. Larvae can be baked on the coals.


Grasshoppers, locusts. Abundant appear in the meadows and forest clearings near the end of summer. Grasshoppers are edible. Protein in them very much. Small grasshoppers can eat just so raw. Large locust may be strung on the branches as skewers and cook on a fire.

Do not eat flies and other insects coming into contact with the feces of animals, as they may carry the infection.



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Feeding by insects

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