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Exploration of the island

In this paper we consider the classical situation falling on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. Yes, the case of most novels and adventure films, but still - it is different. Now we will talk about the first steps, actions that must take in distress. Namely, the exploration of the island.

What is needed to explore the island? First, make sure that it is an island. Second, check inhabited or not. Third, evaluate the resources that exist on the island to find water, food sources, the place for a permanent camp, to find the best building materials for houses and can be for the raft. Here's a list of tasks.

Most effectively explore the island from the heights. Just wander through the jungle or the taiga - is ineffective. Under the canopy of the forest, you will not see the big picture. You must determine the highest point of the island (or the most accessible of the highest peaks) and climb up to look around. Generally, if managed to climb the mountain or hill, one can not understand - or a piece of this island continent (or at least a large island, which is not bad).

After obtaining a general idea of the outlines of the island, the landscape, the sea around, the nature of forests and other places, you can begin a more detailed study. Although this is not done immediately. It is better to concentrate on building a temporary shelter on the beach, prepare a fire for heating and cooking, and several signal fires, in case of occurrence of the vessel.

Having survived the first night on the island, should head inland to find sources of water, food, perhaps, to hunt and find or make a valuable household items.

The water will usually flow from the mountains, hills. Just below, at the foot of the hills may be fresh-water lakes. Edible plants and game for hunting to be found in the woods at the foot of the mountains.

If the island is small, it can not be publicly available sources of drinking water. This is very bad. Long stretch on the island so you can not. Water extraction will be difficult and take much effort. In this case, you need to get out as soon as possible from the island. Build a raft, while there is power, and sail in search of another, larger island or in a drift at the mercy of the waves.



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