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Shelter in the jungle

Overnight, a halt in the jungle - it needed, as in any other natural area. As in other regions, the device refuge hut in the jungle has its own characteristics. In this article we will examine exactly what features to consider when stopping for the night in the jungle.

The peculiarity of the jungle is virtually no wind, high humidity, the abundance of midges and the forest floor - drenched with water and swarming with all sorts of unpleasant and dangerous insects and other animals.

Based on the foregoing, a tent or canopy of the jungle must be reliably protected against vertically falling rain. There is no point in trying to protect against midges with dense walls of the shed - it's useless. So, enough quality to perform the roof. When cool nights in the jungle - you can do a full tent, but as a rule, it is not necessary.


Due to the wet forest litter and weight of vermin in it, do not sleep on the ground. Even if you remove the litter directly below the hut, nothing will prevent small and dirty inhabitants of the jungle, get inside the hut.

To protect against moisture and pests, should make flooring, raised above the ground, couch or hammock. Thus, you will be in the 0.5-1m above ground level.


Alternatively, a good shelter in the jungle can be podvernuvshayasya towards the cave. Alternatively, you can build a shelter on a tree. This automatically eliminates all the inconveniences of the litter.


above ground



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