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Signal fire

During autonomous survival in the wild, not always the victim is set to signal distress. If salvation is close, it is necessary to draw attention to themselves by all possible means - it's obvious. In such circumstances, the most effective way to signal distress - is to separate the signal fire. If the court of the night or dusk, the fire will be visible from afar. If the court day - Rescuers must draw the smoke. It is for this, the smoke should be plenty, and the fire as noticeable. And this signal is allocated on the background of other types of fires. But let's talk about signal fires in more detail.

The classic design of the signal fire - so-called Pioneer fire when the wood set almost vertically, resting at each other (photo). It turns out this pyramid itself. In the gaps between logs and into the fire, lay the ignition material - the smaller twigs, dry leaves, moss, etc. When a fire fueled, it turns out a high flame. And this is exactly what you need.

Watch-fireNaturally, should kindle a fire alarm at high, possibly open places, to get noticed from a distance. Perhaps use the stand for a signal fire to lift him for another meter or two above the ground. Performing this construction of the 3 thick branches, which set as trinogi. Relies on lateral branches of the basis for future fire. Thus, the fire is above ground level, and thus will be more visible from a distance.

As already noted, the signal fire has heavily smoke. For this purpose, he added: coniferous branches, wet litter, fresh leaves, various plastics, rubber, etc. chemical industry products.

When you stand stationary camp, you should prepare a fire alarm in advance so that when approaching rescuers quickly ignite it. It will not hurt, if such signal fires will be few. If you are on the march, and appeared on the horizon rescuers - a signal fire to ignite as quickly as possible. To this we must prepare and carry in a backpack and a few dry drovin ignition material, because every second counts. After all assistance that had been so close, can pass by without noticing you, if you do not have time to kindle a fire alarm. In situations where the need to react quickly, you should not get hung up on the fire, and the use of alternative means of signaling distress.

Signal Fire



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Signal fire

During autonomous survival in the wild, not always the victim is set to signal distress. If salvation is...