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Dangers of autonomously

If you find yourself drifting in the middle of the ocean, be prepared to withstand a variety of threats and dangers. In this article we will examine the major risks to the person in distress in the waters of the open sea.

The danger of drowning. If there was a shipwreck or other accident, which resulted in a man is alone with the waves, then a high risk of drowning. Even a professional swimmer, sooner or later will knock out power. Even in order to be kept afloat, we need to expend energy. And it's still in good conditions, when the water is quite a comfortable temperature. To make a long stay afloat, we need a raft, float or a floating piece.

Dehydrated. Although around literally a sea of water - it is salty and not potable. Prepare fresh water from salt can be, but it is not just unproductive, and even if the solar still to collect. And of course, if you drift, clinging to a piece of the ship - then opresnit water you can not because of lack of basic fundamentals for any desalination plants.

Solar or heat stroke is a threat to the equatorial and tropical and warm seas. You can fight to defend themselves from the sun under the clothes, tent on the raft.

Supercooling - the danger is characteristic of the northern seas.

Motion sickness or seasickness. Many people with weak vestibular system suffer from pitching in the sea. May blur the consciousness, and vomiting due to dehydration occurs and the overall weakening of the body.

Poisonous fish and sea animals also pose a serious threat to surviving in the open sea. At sea, indeed, along with edible, poisonous and common species of fish and mollusks.

Predatory fish and animals, particularly sharks, killer whales - may pose a threat to humans, drifting at sea. Especially, if not reliably floating craft and a man was bleeding wounds...



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Dangers of autonomously

If you find yourself drifting in the middle of the ocean, be prepared to withstand a variety of threats and...

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