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«There is no bad weather» - this proverb to the townsfolk and the romantics... For someone who struggles to survive in the wild, the weather is usually either bad or very bad. It is important to anticipate the weather to prepare for different eventualities: frost, storm, snow, rain, thunderstorms. And it requires a qualitative weather forecast, not a lazhovy, as we usually passes by the weather bureau. After all, your life map. In this article we will touch on a number on which you can make short-range weather forecast.

In the fall, spring and winter, when it was cloudy and not too cold, and by evening the clouds go away, the stars begin to appear - night and morning will be cold.

Red sunset - to cooling and thunderstorms.

The abundant dew in the morning - a serene day, no rain.

Leaden clouds, with a particularly dark ridge in the form of the shaft - not just for rain and a strong storm or tempest.

Silenced the birds - a storm, a storm.

If the clouds are moving in one direction and the wind is blowing from the land in the opposite direction - to the poor weather, the rain.

If cumulus clouds are growing up in the form of an anvil (flat top) - the rain, bad weather.

Rare cumulus clouds with a length of 2-2.5 times greater than its height - a cloud of good weather.

The stars twinkle - to frost.

Clouds in the form of lentils - dig the bunker! There will be a hell of a storm and tempest.

Smoke from the fire spread along the ground - to a deterioration in the weather, rain.

Successful, and most importantly accurate predictions you!

Dedicated to my beloved grandmother, Nadezhda Baranova Davidovna, meteorologist Naval Aviation Navy of the USSR.



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