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Psychology of survival

Once, a great samurai said, "I do not know how to win others. I know how to win yourself. " The basis of any victory is victory over oneself. These theses are completely fit the psychology of survival.

If a person is discouraged, lose heart, lose faith in what will be saved from the situation, seeming desperate and hopeless - that he would not survive. And whoever does not matter what fights to the last - has a chance. And even if it dies, the hero in the struggle, not as weak-willed beast.

In fact, the psychology of extreme situations at times more important than knowledge, and physical condition. Extensive knowledge in the theory of survival and a good physical training - just useless if people gave in and ready to die, resigned.

To get the most out of a bad situation, you first need to find motivation! Answer the question WHY? Why do you flee, get out? Can the life to which you return, or that you start, if you will be saved - the full sad shit ... then maybe you should not fight for salvation.

But for every man, I'm sure there is such an incentive. It can be family, friends, beloved children, the business of life, hobbies... As you reach the great goal of his mission, if podohnite now? How do you hug your beautiful children and lead them by example in life, if now lower your hands? As with all the passion of its totality beautiful as a goddess, a woman, if not now find the strength to raise a fist and will get out of the trap? And if you're young, stupid and alone, then, how do you find your favorite, his goddess, his mission and continue as a great race if spasuete now? How??

The author of this site was in the life of the case, just the right example to the above. Once in a deadly situation, I needed to find a stimulus. And I found it! Otherwise... you would not be reading these lines:)

It was the end of October. I was walking in the outskirts of the city. It was some kind of melancholy. Something was happening in his heart, but I have not yet realized, why not just peculiar to me the lyrical mood. I walked around the lake, bound first ice seemed to have quite reliable. But suddenly... cracked ice and the ice gave way to fall a black abyss. Depth of 4 meters, 20 meters from the shore.

Wild heart, a shock. As he fell, I caught the edge of the reflex and the ice on the left under water with no head and shoulders only. For a split second I realized what a mess... I had to hit selected or sink. I tried to get out on the ice, but he was too thin and broken off. In front of 20 meters of ice, an even greater depth beneath the coast and there the ice thickness.

And here came the apathy and despair. You had to either find the motivation, then, why do I need to get out, or freeze and drown. After a brief confusion, I remembered that before he met with a wonderful girl, Alena. And apparently she was the cause of my reverie by the morning. Suddenly, I really wanted to see her again! And if I drown, then I will not see... And I prolomal elbows 20 meters of ice to the shore and safely escaped from the icy water.

Since then, it took 5 years. And this morning, lying in bed, I looked at the lovely face sleeping Alena, and remembered the incident at the lake... It was good that she, herself without knowing it, saved me time. Indeed: "The world is ruled by love!":)



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