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The basic signal set

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, and the signal set is not - then no. :) But if you're just going on a dangerous journey, you should know what should be included in a special bag and take it with you. After all, who is warned - he is protected!

Thus, the standard tourist signal set is:

- Signal Buoy.

- Signal flare and 3 rockets to it (preferably more).

- A whistle.

- Mirror.

- The plastic wand flashlight. Bend the stick and through a chemical reaction, it glows steadily for about 10 hours. By the way, is an indispensable thing for climbers, cavers, speleologists. But in a simple campaign - too cute little thing.

Digress from the harsh realities of survival. A small digression. You can go to the nature of the girl and that's with a stick, a flashlight to create a romantic shade of a tent while you fuck his sweetheart. ;)

There are other variations of the signal rescue kits. But the general point is clear: a lot of different alarm times for different situations. At least one, but will work in those conditions in which you butted. If none is effective - or you tupite or you have really bad karma. :)

I can only add, that should be included in the signal set of more missiles, a pair of fireworks, like football fans, travel waterproof matches. Well, if you have a firearm. It will not only help to protect and hunting, but you can use it to attract the attention of rescuers shot.



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