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Bread crumbs or Ariadne's thread

When a person enters into an extreme situation in the wild, there are three options: he missed and are looking to save, it was not enough and do not seek a third, very exotic option, ala Hollywood thriller - the man was missed, and are looking to finish. Sometimes it happens...

Today we talk about the system of markings that a person can leave, so that rescuers can find it quickly. Or, even if it is not looking for something casual travelers can understand the signs and come to the rescue. In the third situation, on the contrary, we must try not to leave traces or confused, not to be overtaken chase. I think this time we will be very detailed analysis of a new section of the site: Survival after civilization. But here, briefly touch on the general rules.


So, you do not know whether to go to your next rescue. But we need to improve their own chances, leaving marks and labels to help you find and rescue. Departing from the place of halt, leave the earth lined with arrows indicating the direction you are gone. In open areas is very effective to make large arrows and signs of S.O.S., so they were visible even from the plane. Draw arrows on the rocks and leave the other pointers.


Traveling to the sea you can try to send a bottle with a note indicating their direction, coordinates itp, as was the custom among the ancient mariners in distress or wrecked. This letter can be sent and down the river.

If on the contrary, you are leaving from prosecution - try to leave no trace. Try not to break branches on the bushes, where run through. Obbegat trees hinges on a few times (if the race is far) - it confuses the dogs. On the ground, where you were, Scatter tobacco is also hit by dogs off the trail. If there was a creek on the road, go over a few hundred meters up or down the river - and only then go to the other side. This technique greatly complicate the search for your tracks.



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Bread crumbs or Ariadne's thread

When a person enters into an extreme situation in the wild, there are three options: he missed and are looking...

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