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Submission of a light signal to calamity

In today's article we'll talk about a special category of signaling distress - light signals. Ways to feed them a lot and every one of them is effective in certain circumstances and in the presence of an outfit. Let us examine the problem further.

To emit a light signal, one way or another, you need a light source. At night, the light source can be a fire, torch, flashlight or spotlight. In the daytime the light source, in any case will be the sun, because the all other sources are negligible on a sunny day. In order to give the signals light of the sun, use reflective surfaces, mirrors, itp.

On a cloudy day when the sun was hidden behind dense clouds, the light signals are ineffective. The light from a fire or a lantern barely noticeable, there is no sun... In such conditions it is better to signal smoke, rocket launcher, firing sound (if you have a gun).

Signal fire

About alarm fires, we have already spoken. If you are able to build a fire, it is sufficient to effectively make a torch. At times, waving a burning torch, much more effective to attract attention than a stationary fire, how great is he was not.

The torch is made as follows. Taken quite a powerful stick, thick somewhere in three fingers, a length of about 1-1.2 m. The wood is desirable that was resistant to fire: mountain ash, viburnum, aspen, oak, beech. At the end of the torch wound moist leaves (if you need to not only the blazing torch, but also strongly smoked), then attached to the torch thin, very dry wood chips, preferably made of wood of conifers. If there is any oil or fuel and lubricant (gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, fat, alcohol...), you should wrap the torch with a cloth soaked in it. If there is no fuel, it is necessary to search the pine tar, to extract the fat from wild game killed or found fallen.

In sunny weather, very effective distress signals by saying a mirror or other shiny surface. Serve intermittent "sunbeams" in the direction of the approaching vehicles or groups of people. If you know Morse code - you can give signals of the mirror with the use of this code, and, to a very respectable distance.

Well, if there is a mirror: women of beauty, from the vehicle itp If there is no mirror, you can use very well-polished piece of metal, very smooth stone, clock dial.



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Submission of a light signal to calamity

In today's article we'll talk about a special category of signaling distress - light signals. Ways to feed them a lot...

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