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Canopy-tent of a fallen tree

During the movement of the wild regions of our planet can not allow night caught you by surprise. Need to advance, for 1.5-2 hours until nightfall, to attend to the preparation room for the night, a campfire, etc. In this article we will talk about the device is quite convenient and pre-fabricated type of shelter - a tent on the base of a fallen tree. In the jungle, especially in the forests of the middle band, and the taiga, this method of construction of the shelter is very relevant.

So, we need to find a fallen tree (pine, cedar, etc.), which lies next to the standing tree, which has branches at the bottom, so that we can lift the fallen trunk and put on a branch of the tree standing, both at the fork. Of course, the tree for this purpose should be lifting, ie, not too thick and heavy. Well, the branches on a tree-reliance should not be dry and weight of the trunk, if you do not want to wake up at night from what you pressed your same tent...

Having laid a fallen trunk in the crotch of another tree, we get a basis for future shelter (photo). More simple and at the same time, robust design and difficult to imagine. Next step: break off or cut off those branches of a fallen tree, which looks down into the space of the hut. Upper branches - leave.

Under a tree, arrange flooring. If the litter in this place is not full of ants and other insects, simply rake the litter on the bottom of the shed to make it softer bed (photo). If the situation is opposite - on the contrary litter is removed and the flooring is made from pine branches, dry grass, palm leaves, depending on the region where the event occurs.

From the middle of twigs and other woody debris, placed side tent as if it were the roof slope. It turns out a kind of truss system-frame hut (photo). The resulting space under the tree and decking of the branches - it will cover. Entrance, it is not difficult to guess - around the trunk of the tree-base.


frameforest moss

It remains only to provide a wall tent, with branches in several layers (needles, leaves down to dripping rainwater). You can face hut with thick forest moss (photo). In the jungle, this function used palm leaves, ferns, etc.

That's all. Tent is ready. It is very simple and reliable. Now you can attend to a campfire.



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Canopy-tent of a fallen tree

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