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During the autonomous survival in extreme conditions, it is important to the ability to build temporary housing, shelter. The most popular type of shelters - tents and canopies. In today's article we will discuss the various options and designs of tents.

On the classical dome-shaped tent and canopy on the basis of a fallen tree, we have already discussed in detail in previous articles. Consider other options.


Shed a tent-canopy. The main function of the canopy is to protect against rain and wind blowing in one direction. As protection from the cold - a tent is not necessary, because has a single open or lightly veiled way. Establish a line of two or three struts, with forks at the top. At the fork is placed exactly six. At the upper pole branches shall be established at an angle, forming a triangular cross-section of a tent-canopy. The branches of the slope should have a number of branches, to secure a foothold on the pole and securely hold material finishes. Ramp and the side walls closed canopy branches.


Hut with a stove bench. This tent is relevant in the jungle during the rainy season or in the Far Eastern taiga, when it rains, typhoons. The design of the tent can be arbitrary. But the distinguishing feature is the presence of couches, elevated by 0.5-1m from the ground. This ensures a comfortable couch, away from the damp earth.

The bed is done as follows. To frame is mounted on a rectangular frame made of thick branches. To the square frame mounted cross the 6-10pcs. Sleepers - thinner branches. They tied a rope or fibrous plants (lianas, vines). You can not do cross members and frame securely to braid the vine - is even more comfortable than the rigid cross member. Top frame with cross members laid a thick bed of leaves, soft twigs, pine limbs.

Hut on a tree. In some circumstances, the ground is not suitable to install the shed. This may be a quagmire, too wet litter. Also causal factor to move a tent to a tree, can be predators or dominance of small, annoying insects, scorpions, itp.

Erect a tent on the tree, it is even easier than on earth. It suffices to choose a tree with a suitable configuration: where there is an extensive fork shafts, suitable as a platform under a tent, or branches at the top come together as a natural canopy tent. Successful fork of the tree further strengthened by tying a few crossbars. Then, set the foundations of the branches of the dome, or if they are well located in the tree, reduce them to the base. It is important to establish a comfortable bed so as not to ring out from a tree in a dream.


Classic materials for building the shed - it's pretty thick branches for the base, more slender, branchy twigs with leaves or needles for repairing the walls. But always worth experimenting. The basis of the shed can be a different scrap, debris: metal structural elements and fittings. You can plug the wall tents with plastic film covering the aircraft, the parachute canopy itp Need to get the most out of scrap materials to get a better chance of survival.



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