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Dome tent

In today's article we will discuss the construction of more or less solid shelter in the wild - a domed tent. Shelter simple in design and construction techniques, however, the correctness of the work will depend on the quality and reliability of the shelter. A good, well-built hut you are not afraid of: weather, temperature extremes, wild animals.

Dome tent is something similar to the home of savage tribes from different parts of the earth. However, with the reservation. Our accommodation, we will need one or more nights. So it makes no sense to build a very very long lasting home in the woods:)

By the way, is very well thought of wood. The construction of the huts in principle - is relevant only in the forested regions of our planet. Bind, close up the dome tent can be a variety of materials, we will discuss this below. But, the foundation, the frame - this is almost certainly wood logs branches. Get material for the base of the hut is very easy in the woods, wooded foothills, in the jungle, even in the savannah. But in the steppe, desert, mountains, polar regions - with the tree, as you know, tough. In these regions will be relevant other shelters.

Knife branch

The design of the hut. You need to install a skeleton - a few supporting sticks, as thick as an arm or two. The branches of the frame set (possibly stuck in the ground) around the perimeter of the thick end of next hut (previously necessary to remove debris, twigs, stones, and sometimes turf too). Justify 5.8-branch supports, connect them at the top. Do not make a tent too spacious and high. Warm air is known to be going up. So it makes no sense to unnecessarily inflate the construction of the shed.


When do you plan to make a fire just inside the tent - should be provided at the top of the hole like a chimney. That is, branch bases are linked not close the frame, but remains small produh.

Thus, the frame is installed. Strong fundamentals branches stuck or dug into the ground and securely connected at the top. Now you need to repair the wall-side hut. For this purpose, suitable branches with leaves, pine branches, moss, peat with grass. The branches are placed so that water from the rain dripping down on the leaves or needles and do not linger on the walls. Very good cover extra tent canvas, cloth, animal skins, of course, if such are available.

With some experience and availability of material, dome-shaped hut built for 30-40 minutes. So - this is quite adequate temporary shelter for the night or two.



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Dome tent

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