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The choice of parking spaces

During the autonomous survival in the wild on a regular basis there is a need to stay in camp, overnight. Parking must be carefully selected location. And on what grounds to choose the best place to stop? Topic is serious. This is what we discuss in this article.

All other things being equal, choose the best place to camp, park on a small hill. First, it provides a good overview, and allows you to keep a visual check nearby area. This is important for security reasons. Secondly, with the elevation will quickly drain the water in case of rain, and your parking will not be detrimental flooding.

Place to camp should not be a tall grass, shrubs, debris of branches. In such places can hide snakes and other creatures with whom it is better not to sleep. :)

Place to campis desirable trees with luxuriant foliage, as an additional protection against possible precipitation. But you still need a natural shelter (cave, a rocky ledge), or to build a tent, pitch a tent.

You also need to be sensitive to local characteristics. See if next to the site favored by old trees that could fall in a strong wind straight at you. Be sure not to camp on an animal trail, next to an anthill itp In general, a good think for all the pros and cons before you settle.

Site parking should also give you the opportunity to retreat in case of imminent danger. You can not put himself in a dead end, and always have a way to escape.



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