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Natural cover Caves

In extreme survival is very important to find or create the correct, safe shelter, for organizing a halt, overnight or longer stay. In different climatic and natural zones in demand may be different shelters. For example, in forest areas outside of competition tents of various designs. But the shelters are particularly valuable natural caves and similar relief. On the singularities of the choice of the cave and prepare her for the shelter and we will discuss in today's article.

So, on your way to meet a cave, and you want to use it as cover. First, you need to explore the cave, to check whether an entry in the cave and not worth worrying about logistics. If the cave is deep, and the desire to go deep into the no good way to check for the other input is the flame. If more than one deep into the cave the flame will "pull" into the interior - the cave is not deaf and we must be vigilant to the cave something that is not got out and attacked you:)

Go to the cave should be approached and examined it with care, because such places are favorite habitats of large forest and mountain predators. Itself can be a beast on the hunt. But the signs that he lives in a cave and can return at any moment - are the remains, the bones of his recent production, claw marks on the walls, wool itp


Base camp is not much better in a deep cave in the event of an emergency situation, the attacks - have the opportunity to retreat. But of course so that the wind and rain outside did not reach you. It is important to keep the fire all night bonfire, as all wild animals are afraid of fire. As additional protection, you can close the entrance to the cave with a sharp palisade, branches or similar method.

Base camp



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Natural cover Caves

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