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Love nectar?

Honey - a unique natural substance. And, as you know, not only domesticated bees produce honey, and wild! And if you come across a hive of wild bees - you had the rare opportunity to taste the honey.

Honey - a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. In addition, there are a lot of energy, which simply requires the traveler. If you are able to produce honey - you can keep it and have for a long time, without fear that it will deteriorate, as it would have happened with most other products. Even in the Egyptian pyramid is honey, which knocked more than 2,000 years, and it remained edible. Here's a water a unique product - honey.


So, you have found a hive of wild bees. But this is only half the battle on the way to the desired honey. Here is a serious obstacle in the form of actual bees! And they really do not like to be disturbed, and even more so - when they steal their honey. So unceremoniously climb to the hive - a pure suicide! Need to get ready, get together with the spirit - and only then attack.

To profit honey you need to do two things: to calm the bees as possible and to protect their vulnerable parts of the body from their bites. Soothe a bee easiest smoke. Done something to the likeness of a torch of dry and wet leaves or bark. The dry part will burn the torch, and raw - will give a lot of acrid smoke.

Protect from bee stings must first face and hands. It is necessary to make some piece of cloth or item of your clothing bandage, which will close the ears, mouth and nose. This is important because if there zalezut angry bees and bite you - the Khan! Hands will be at the forefront, in the thick of bees, so they also did not hurt to wrap a cloth or something similar, but so it was convenient to keep the "dymovuhu" and take yourself honey.

Face protection

Honey is a light-colored pyramids - combs. Do not try to find a flat box, both in cultural evidences:) In the wild, similar to the cell bars, drops, pyramids. You are either with them than not to be confused. Your job does not make any sudden movements, properly obkurit bees with smoke. And then also gradually get close to the honeycomb, gently whisk them with the silent remains of bees, honey, break off as you can - and claw! :)

Of course, you bite and not just once or twice. The main thing that is not in your head and not a few dozen. From here you can die. But if everything is done smoothly and confidently, according to the scheme described above - all should go well.

bee sting



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Love nectar?

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