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Fishing with a spear

When a person turns away from civilization, in the midst of wild nature, as if time brings it back thousands of years. Man forced to apply the methods and devices which were used by our ancestors. Instead of a knife - a piece of sharpened stone, instead of ropes - lianas and instead rod - lance, etc. Today we talk about the ancient method of hunting or fishing with a spear.

Reservoirs are different. Of course, where deep and the fish are not visually evident - it is better to try to do like fishing rods, replacing the rod, fishing line and hook - improvised means and materials. But there are bank areas of clear or fairly clear water, where big fish can be seen directly on the background of the bottom. Here is when we must use a spear.

As the spear will fit almost any smooth, long thread. It is desirable that the wood was solid, but easily treated with a knife. Ideal - bamboo. But in regions where bamboo does not grow, fit many of the local trees. For example, birch, juniper, hazel itp

If you are hunting big game, the forest is important to sharpen well his spear, making a single point, then a spear for fishing - quite different requirements. In addition to the severity, it is important to try to increase the area of damage, since it is difficult to pierce the fish using a spear with a tip. The way out of this situation is to use branches, with fork in the end. So you can make a spear with two, three or more ends, regardless of how many processes are of a fork.


Also, the affected area can increase by binding to a single flagpole a few sharp sticks. Sharp pieces of wood or bone, have around the base of the spear, at small angles and then all contacts in a single structure by means of a rope, strap or fiber vines. It turns out a good weapon.

You can also make a spear with multiple edges, split if the end of the lance into several parts. Especially this method is good for bamboo spears. A 20-25cm from the end pole tied a rope to the splitting differed only end, but not all stick. Butt the knife cut the spears into 4-6 pieces. To dissolve obtained plots aside, the end of the spear should be thoroughly wet (perhaps even boil) and drive the pegs between the segments. Now you can also tie the end of the lance, taking over all the intervals between spikes. It remains to sharpen a knife all the resulting ends of the spears. This is a great weapon when hunting for fish.

Fishing with a spear

Fishing with a spear a must with water. That is, not from the bank, namely, by going into the water or using an improvised raft. Since fish less afraid. From these considerations, the best fishing is at dusk and dawn, when the fish is gray and not so well see what is happening around them. Light ripples in this case interferes visually detect fish.

Night spear fishing

Especially effective is night fishing with a spear. At night, fish readily enters the shallows, not so much afraid. In addition, it attracts light of a torch or lantern.

With spear



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Fishing with a spear

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