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Extraction of fire hand drill

Obviously, in terms of autonomous survival in the wild, the fire - it is life itself. It happens that a person shall not be provided with a safety matches, lighters, flint, etc. devices for the fire. A fire get somehow necessary. Without fire, not warm, not cook fish or fowl, not to drive away wild animals and mosquitoes, not to signal distress. According to this, a person must be able to make fire alternative and primitive ways, without matches and other items of civilization.

One of the first ways in which extracted fire primitive man - was friction. And one of the simplest methods - the production of fire with a hand drill. This article is about the features of this method and the mistake made by novices.

In fact, for the production of fire by hand drills must have: a piece of dry wood as a basis, a dry stick, drill, and flammable ignition material. Also, have patience, as you have to work hard to get fire in this way.

Get fire by friction

Dry stick to basics may be from almost any dry wood. Can, as a resinous, softwood and hardwood. The base should be flat in order to lay a stable. If a suitable piece of wood there - you have to trim with a knife that is. Branch-drill should be without a crust, perfectly round as possible with a fairly smooth surface, because splinters and extra corn you, I do not think it necessary. The end of the drill bit sharpening angle of about 45 degrees, so that was a fairly large surface area for friction. In the stick base, a knife-edge is chosen small depression that is comparable in diameter with a cane-borer. Make a notch better at the very edge. Since our task, using friction to get a few embers from the stick-base. We just charred edge of a branch near us cut the nest, and the embers themselves fall out. Previously, a place where they must drop out embers, puts a flat chip, etc.

The entire structure is desirable to set on a flat rock or other solid ground. Insert the pointed end of the bit in the recess. Then we press the branch-drill between the palms, as if three hands against each other, thereby rotating the drill bit, and seeking the necessary friction at the point of contact with the ground. As a result, quite hard work, we get a piece of coal, which falls out in our makeshift tray out of the flat pieces. Our task now, without losing a second blow coal. To this end, we put in the ignition stuff and blow up until the kindling does not catch and break out the flames.

drillget coals


As a lighting-up of the material can be applied: dry wood shavings, dry grass, moss, pulp bracket fungus, finely torn paper, dry leaves, etc. etc.

Way is not easy, but there are situations where the fire is not otherwise obtain. So that this laborious method has to be in the arsenal.

The main mistake of inexperienced survivalist when trying to make fire using hand drills - this is what they put an ignition material directly next to the place of friction and hope that he comes on. Like hell! They are only smoke but fire and never will be! It is necessary to get the coal out of dry wood-base and putting it in the ignition material - to inflate.



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Extraction of fire hand drill

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