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Hunting and cooking the snake march

Exactly how much, in ordinary life, snakes are unpleasant to us - the same amount, in the extreme conditions of survival, they are an excellent source of hunted and needed protein. Snakes - good food. Yes, they are nasty and vile creature, but an aversion goes away when not eaten anything substantial for several days. Yes, snakes can be dangerous, but it is important to remember that the most dangerous predator on the planet - people, ie You!

In certain regions, such as deserts, steppes, mountains of hard to catch a bigger game than a snake. Of course, if around an abundance of fruit or edible plants - it makes no sense to risk wasting the energy to hunt. But there is no better way to make energy than meat, game! That is why, it is necessary to discard prejudices and to hunt for snakes, especially where there are many.

When hunting for snakes, and even when moving through an area inhabited by these "lovely creatures" should be extremely careful, watch your feet, be aware, you grab the vine or the tail of the snake hanging from a tree?. :) Crossing barriers should not be playfully whitefish in the opposite direction. It makes more sense, at first, to stand on a rock or tree trunk, to see whether on the side of the snake, and then Segal. :)

When hunting for the snake must be kept a safe distance in order to throw the snake does not doprygnula to you. It's best to wield a long stick with a fork in the end. Stick firmly presses the head of the snake to the ground, and then either beheaded with a knife or break it with stone. If the snake is poisonous, it is important to separate the head and bury it, you do not accidentally step on it.

On the headless snake tightens the skin, like a stocking. And actually, you can start cooking. Of course, in extreme cases when there is no time, you can not make fire - and you can zmeyuku crude sharchit. But this is just too extreme ... Better yet make camp, build a campfire and how to cook a dead snake.

A snake can be boiled, but the easiest and most convenient way - bake it over the heat of the fire. Take a twig, preferably raw or "fireproof" wood (ash, viburnum and similar) - this will be our "skewer." Pointy end of the branch pierced tail of the snake, the body several times entwine around a branch and a second end edge snakes also pierced. Everything is now firmly fixed game, you can stick a stick at a slight angle around a campfire or hot coals and bake a good snake. When the meat is easily separated from the bone - you're done! Slightly harsh, but the taste is not so bad. Bon Appetit!

snake meat

The snake devoured and now you are full of strength and energy to successfully fight for survival in extreme conditions of wildlife!

snake on fire



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