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Methods for cleaning and disinfection

What does it mean for human water? Stupid question, right? :) Water - it is life itself! Our body is more than 80% of H2O. In extreme survival issue of water goes into one of the first plans, regardless of the region of the earth, where the events. Without food a person can live for up to 3 weeks. No water - no more than 3 - 4 days. And that's it. But here it must be stressed that we need not just any water, and high-quality, clean, potable liquid or saving resources, allowing her to make up the deficit.

So, today we are talking not so much about getting water in extreme conditions, how much of the preparation of suitable water from the water of questionable quality, just suspicious or obviously infected. Topic is serious, try to reveal its fullest.

The first point of water treatment - getting rid of fluid from a variety of solids larger size. Obviously, the removal of large debris and contaminants from the water most effectively accomplished by filtration. That is, must pass the water through some kind of obstacle to clean impurities from large water passed through the filter, and the contaminants remained on the filter.

It is clear that in extreme conditions, you will not be available to any final filter will be used for this purpose means at hand. It is well to filter the water using:

- Gauze or bandage, folded in several layers;

- A piece of fabric, cloth, with not very dense texture, overlooking the water;

- Sand, gravel, charcoal, wrapped in cloth, stockings and such;


In the latter case is especially good charcoal, since it does not just clean water from mechanical contamination, but also acting as an excellent absorbent, can disinfect water.

After purification, water filtration, water should be possible to boil. Boiling - a great way to disinfect water. When heated over 100 degrees. Celsius killed 99% of harmful bacteria.

If you can not boil water, then there are some options: drink water, which seems to clean at your own risk or use a solar distiller, or chemicals: potassium permanganate or special tablets for disinfection.

Clean water

With almost 100% probability of safe drinking water is obtained by melting snow (and ice part), and water from streams and fast mountain rivers. A good way to get more clean water than usual on the banks of the river plain: to dig a hole near the shore, water, filtered through the soil or sand, fill the hole and will be much cleaner than if you just scoop out of the pool.



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