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Clean water?

Water - a key factor for survival. After finding themselves in an autonomous existence, one on one with wild nature, a person loses a lot of fluids and salts, as is constantly moving and is under the influence of heat and sun. But even in the cold, dark places where it would seem there are no water losses, we are still at risk for dehydration (due to an active physical activity), unless we find a water source.

And the source of water - does not mean a source of clean, drinkable water. Even in the flow, and at first glance, the crystal clear stream, the water can carry a threat in the form of various parasites, bacteria, etc. What can we say about the water from stagnant ponds and puddles ... effects from drinking from these sources can be fatal to humans. Upon infection, some infections, it surely overthrow the man with diarrhea, take away a lot of forces needed to fight for survival, once again - will lead to further dehydration. You can pick up from the water and a more serious infection that could kill a person much faster. So to the question of the choice of water sources should be approached with extreme caution, no matter what people did not feel thirsty. After an intermediate task "to drink" may get in the way of the global problem of "surviving".

Where does the infection in the water, even running and looking clean? Pathogenic bacteria are commonly actively multiply in the rotting remains of plants and animals. Enough to some animal to die and be in the water or near water, as the entire flow downstream becomes potentially dangerous for germs. And when you go to a river or stream, it is unknown what was in the upper reaches. According to this, drinking water unscripted - is a lottery. With regard to standing water is even more relevant.

As the threat can carry some of the mountain rivers and streams. Going through the different types of rocks, they erode and carry them with you. The water may be poisonous admixture of salt, oil and radioactive elements. So drink from any unknown body of water - a risk. But the drink, yet - must, therefore, have to reduce the risks.

For greater security should not drink water directly from the reservoir. Better to dig near a small hole on the bank, wait until it will be typed and its water is already on to boil, or just to drink. The fact that so the water filtered through sand and soil. For the same reason, much safer to drink water, the filtered in the soil. This water flows over the roots of trees on stalagmites in the caves in the springs, which rises from the ground.

Clear water

Signs of water purity. If the water flow, and the kind of clear and clean - that's good. No smell - also a good sign, so no obvious toxic water impurities can not be held. You can try the language of a small amount of water. If there are no strange tastes and language does not bake - for sure the water is clear with regard to chemical composition. Indication that water is suitable for consumption - the presence in the pond crawfish, shrimp, small fish.

Guarantee that the water is not dangerous bacteria, nobody will give you until the water is appropriately treated and decontaminated. To ensure that the water should be filtered, boiled or treated with a special oxidizing agents, etc. For more details on how to disinfection and water treatment, we touch on in a separate article.



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Clean water?

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