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Orienteering without a compass

Murphy's Law is that when we need some object, for we have not provided. We did not have today, but always took it before, and we will take in the future - if you survive...

Compass is one of those things. Once in an emergency situation in the wild, it is important for orientation. And without a compass - it must be able to! In this article we try to make out the maximum range of other techniques that allow you to navigate without a compass.

Orientation to the sun. Everyone knows that the sun rises in the eastern part of the sky, comes - to the west and the day comes to a close through the southern sky. It's no longer enough.

If the clock is available with arrows - can navigate by the sun is much more accurate. Enough to send the hour hand at the sun. North-south line is the bisector of the angle between the hour hand towards the sun and the line 1:00 (picture). In the morning, south to the right of the sun, and vice versa in the afternoon - on the left.

Sun and ClockThe orientation of the stars. In the northern hemisphere can focus on the polar star, pointing to the north and south - the southern cross.

If there is cloudy weather, to be guided by the sun and stars is impossible. Then, in the course are other methods. In particular: the signs on the ground.

Targeting the signs on the ground.

1.Otdelnoe tree in the open space has a magnificent crown of the south side.

2.Muraveynik has a gentle slope to the south.

3.Tropinki insects on tree trunks are from the south.

4.Kora trees are thicker and coarser to the north.

5. On the north side of the trees and rocks more abundant and thick moss.

Still, if you have some available tools, you can make a compass with his hands.



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