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Orientation in forest

Perhaps the most frequent and likely scenario an extreme situation in the CIS countries - to get lost in unfamiliar terrain, for example, in the woods. Forests have many. Only in the European part of many relatively bright, evenly planted forests, for which more than looks and forest to get lost out there very difficult (although, do not forget the story of three pine trees). In the more distant from the capitals of the regions, forests are truly dangerous and frightening, they all look alike, there is little explicit reference and because it is easy to get lost.

So you\'re just walking, jogging or going for mushrooms, and have gone astray, lost and found familiar landmarks in an unfamiliar place. How to be to get out as quickly as possible and find a big way, locality, or people (preferably not lost:)).

In the forest, with orientation at once a number of problems. Firstly, it is unlikely that, going there for a short walk you guessed it take a compass. Second, because of dense crowns and the intricacies of the bushes is very difficult to navigate by the sun and stars, even in clear weather. Third, you can meet the predators. Fourthly, moral, lost in the woods quite scary and hard. Fifth, the topography of land in forest areas rarely have significant differences and it is difficult to navigate (except for mountainous areas, such as the hills of the Far East of Russia. Here, if you go to the hill, you\'ll go her well, and not going anywhere. Suffice to rise above and look at the surrounding hills, the location and navigate).

The first thing to do, getting lost in the woods - or try to speculatively sketched diagram stick on the ground to restore the picture of your call in the woods. Clearly, circling between fungal glades you\'ve lost the route, but it is important to recreate the moment of entry into the forest. You have to understand the location of the cardinal points (north, south, west, east) on your approach to forest. When entering the picture in the forest was recreated, and the location on this side of the world, you need to compare the forest where you were, approximate direction to the nearest towns, rivers, railways and roads (nahodzhenie any of these objects ensures the early exit and rescue).

OrientationIt remains to orient the sides of the world to choose the direction of motion. As was already said, no compass, stars and the sun will not help. Consider the signs by which you can find the compass in the woods:

- Find Detached, assume in the meadow, and wood. His crown is more lush on the south side. And if the trunk is moss, the thicker it will be on the north side.

- Anthill, also on a more or less pure space has a gentle southern slope and steep north. 
However, these signs do not work in the forest.

If possible, climb a tree or another hill to look around and perhaps seen the global benchmarks. Seeing the long dip in the crowns of the forest, you can find the river, clearing, road. 
The lowering of relief, ravines, can lead to streams, and they in turn - to the rivers. And the water, especially river - a true chance to quickly reach out to people.

When the direction is chosen, you lurks another danger - to walk in circles. Proved that even supposedly going directly no orientation to some object, a person must begin to deviate in one direction and will be wrapped around the circles, instead of having to go to the goal. This is due to some jokes in the brain or different length of legs:) Whatever it was, this effect takes place. Therefore it is necessary for its route in the direction you take the local landmarks and move towards them. Moving in dense bush or secondary jungle, to begin circling the risk increases significantly. You can use an interesting trick: to bind a long (20-30m) rope or vine, and even dragging behind you. Passing area approximately equal to the length of the rope, look back and see if there are any kinks in the rope. If there is - to make adjustments in moving to the next segment.

As you can see, it is important to provide the time of his entrance into the forest, know the location of the main directions and landmarks (rivers, roads) at the moment. Then, being able to navigate in the woods is not difficult to get out. So, we must be vigilant and observant. If possible, take a compass and orient themselves at the entrance to the forest.



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