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Danger in the mountains

Mountain - perhaps, one of the most attractive places for tourists and they tend to the thousands of snowy summits around the world. However, this is the most dangerous regions of the Earth. Hundreds of tourists every year get into trouble on the slopes. In this article we will talk about the dangers of people in the mountains. How to behave when lost, how to stay alive.

Mountains are dangerous primarily because of its difficult terrain. There is always a risk of being in a hole, fall off a cliff into the abyss, to stumble on the rocks covered with snow. So the "catch crows" in the mountains can not be. One should always check the ski pole wherever gonna come. The mountains are very insidious and seemingly reliable under snow may be void.

Karstic traps. Many, especially older mountains have the so-called karst scour. The rock is the inclusion of limestone, which eventually wash out the underground rivers. As a result, voids are obtained. Sometimes over them only a thin layer of dense rock that could easily fall under you. When a move in the karst mountain, sometimes the feeling that you go to an empty barrel. Karst gully may be shallow, and perhaps the entire gulf. So if the mountains, where you have been prone to karst phenomena - should be extremely careful to probe the rock ahead of him.

Avalanches, rockfalls, debris flows. In the mountains, can trigger an avalanche or rockfall. And not necessarily just to provoke you, the stones may fall down without your involvement, so you should take a potentially dangerous areas as quickly as possible. The avalanches also pose a great danger. Dig them out if you are already covered, is extremely problematic. It is difficult to determine where to dig, where the surface. But it is possible to determine ottopiv a small area near the face and see where that falls saliva. Accordingly, the need to dig in the opposite direction.


Cold. In the mountains, especially at night is very cold. Even if the court of the summer, the mountains this time of year applies only during the day and night, sometimes freezing temperatures, especially at high altitudes. So at night should be to equip the shelter for warmth. Well if it is possible to make a fire. Generally, if lost in the mountains, you should come down. Closer to the foot of the mountains you can find wood, and wood and is likely to produce food. Descending into the valley at the foot of the mountains, you will definitely meet people, and then - salvation.



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Danger in the mountains

Mountain - perhaps, one of the most attractive places for tourists and they tend to the thousands of snowy summits around...