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Compact set of cooking on the fire

Now I want to tell you about a very interesting and very useful device for organizing campfire, supports for hanging pot in the campaign. This is a very compact and simple device named, which can easily make your own! I highly recommend for those who often goes to extreme hiking attend such thing!

How many times, I remember when organizing a fire place for cooking on it, had to roam the neighborhood, and seek out, cut the appropriate pegs with a fork, to turn them into support for hanging pot. Then he had a huge problem with driving in these pegs into the dense earth. A hanging pot six, was then very difficult to remove it, so as not to spill.

With those simple devices, which I will now tell - all these issues are removed. And the strength of the kit weighs 150g.

Let's start with how to organize support for the boiler without forks. All just take a simple thick branches of a suitable length. One side of the grind as a peg to make it easier to drive it into the ground. The other end is cut off exactly perpendicular. And these two simple peg driven into the sides of fireplaces, with an ax blows, or other weighty log.


Take adapted, made of steel and is hammered into the top pegs. I think everything is clear without further explanation. Now we can put in the provided plug pole for hanging pots.

These forks are made of steel wire or strip of square section. If you are not able to prokovat tip, order such a gizmo expert in metall maken person.

The second point - the method of hanging pot. We have found that simply pass through the pole through the handle of the pot and then placed on the support - it's risky, you can get burned, food shed, and no way to adjust the suspension height pot. The second type of device eliminates all these problems.

As we can see from the thick steel wire elementary bent a pair of hooks, squiggles. So we hang the pot, and remove it for a loop, without the risk of burns and can, using the 1-2-3 of the hooks, adjust the height of the suspension pot.



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Compact set of cooking on the fire

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