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Limited resources of the island

When a man is stranded on a desert island, it is very important to determine the amount of resources that have to have, because the island - is the limited space, and therefore of limited resources. Well if the island is large enough and resources enough, but if not, to correctly dispose of what is and leave the island before it will have exhausted all resources.

The first thing you should do a man stranded on an unknown land in the middle of the ocean - see the island or not. To do this climb to the highest point and look around. If this is not an island - wonderful. The more extensive land area - the greater the chance to meet people. When set, that we are dealing with the island, the second phase - to explore the coastline in search of useful items made overseas. As is known, the wave sooner or later discarded on the beach all the debris that falls into the "belly" of the ocean. And that is garbage for human civilization - can be a salvation for survival in extreme situations. Fin - the remains of the trees may come down as a construction material for shelter or a raft, and smaller items like firewood. Useful and plastic bags, bottles and other "rubbish".

The third stage - to determine the place of parking. Choose it follows from two considerations: it is better for the beach, where you can send a signal pass by the courts, as well as a number of building materials, so as not to drag them across the island. Though of course, should bet is intended to attract attention of rescuers. So, right there at the shelter, it should build signal fires to burn them when a ship on the horizon.

Under the resource should be understood: the sources of drinking water sources of food, building material for shelters and rafts; firewood. Very well, if the island has a fresh water source: a spring, river, stream. Otherwise, the production is suitable for drinking water, will require considerable time and effort. And if the island with the water sources still need to consider - to stay and wait for help, without them, we should definitely tune in a desperate escape from the island on a makeshift raft at the mercy of ocean currents.

Well, if the island is forest. It certainly is possible to find vegetarian food, water sources, and use trees as building material. If the forest does not grow together, the only stable source of food - the sea. You can collect shellfish, crabs, fish.



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