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Weapon for street fighting. The tactics of urban warfare

A very special occasion of engagement and implementation of force are fighting in urban environments, street fighting. In today's article we will briefly touch upon the particular tactics of street fighting and look at the most convenient weapons for street warfare.

The city as an arena of combat operations. Narrow streets, homes, sharp turns, intersections, barricades, abandoned cars, debris - this is the general picture of the city in a military conflict. Another striking feature is the low efficiency of aircraft and heavy artillery in urban combat. Visually, the enemy can not be seen, he may be hiding in buildings, and the shelling of safe shelter to hide in the underground: the deep basements, sewers, underground. So if you have the air (which is unlikely), you will not be able to take advantage of it to the fullest. If you're in town, and the enemy is at the disposal of aviation - you were lucky, the place of action levels the playing field.

Roughly speaking, there are two situations: you step on the city and must drive out the enemy (the rival clan, the enemy's military or government forces, if you - a revolutionary). Second option: you're in a defensive position, you go to the superior forces of the enemy and you must either defeat them and defend the position, or retreat from the city with minimal losses and escape from persecution.

For a single soldier or a small group, most likely it is the latter option, a departure from the city, when it cleans your superior in number and strength of the armed group.

First, consider a variant of an offensive war in the city. Will give you an advantage: the link between group members; heavy weapons (rocket launcher, machine guns), the presence of garnet, a good knowledge of the city. Need to squeeze the enemy, cleaned the building to avoid the possibility of being attacked from the rear group of the remaining enemy, try to stay not too compact to avoid encirclement in the event of enemy counterattacks.

If you are on the defensive, try to make maximum use of the shelter (walls, cars, barricades, debris), use mines, extensions, cover the position of partner, try to keep in touch or make eye contact with the nearest soldiers to escape encirclement and penetration of enemy combatants in your rear.

pistols machine guns

In terms of shooting technique and weapon selection, the city - it's very special conditions. Due to the abundance constraints and limited space. It is necessary, firstly, a compact weapon with which to move and easy to maneuver in tight spaces of houses, basements, sewers. Secondly, the weapons must destroy a large radius of action for a short time. If you say, in the doorway appeared the enemy, you have to hit it almost immediately, until he disappeared. Well suited for this compact shotguns and pistols machine guns (Uzi, Ingram, Cedar, Chestnut, Cypress, and the like). Also shows a good AKSU-74.


In addition to their primary weapon is desirable to have a gun, knife and grenades. A knife is a must, but better than one, as in the urban environment may be very close contacts between opponents - until the melee.



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Weapon for street fighting. The tactics of urban warfare

A very special occasion of engagement and implementation of force are fighting in urban environments, street fighting. In today's article...

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