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Weapon. Where to get weapons

Whatever the scenario disaster, whether it be war, revolution, environmental devastation, etc., guns just need to survive. In any case, without a corresponding armament, he becomes very vulnerable to the dangers of the new realities. It is clear that the gun is different. In some circumstances save only heavy automatic weapons with a solid ammunition, but where's the shotgun or handgun will be sufficient. In this article we will discuss the most popular types of weapons and possibilities to get it as right now in preparation or already in the realities of extreme.

The most common weapon that is easy to buy any - it's smooth-bore hunting guns, shotguns. The selection here is quite wide. Try to get 2-3 units shotguns. The main criteria for choosing should be: reviews of the reliability, capacity ammunition caliber, ease of use, simplicity to contamination, stability and shooting in the freezing cold in the heat.


I would recommend a 12-gauge (18.5mm) as the most common. To hunt for the average game, ammo is better with the shot. When hunting for "two-legged goat" - grape. Bullet caliber 12th ineffective. It is worth it to have several trunks of different versions but a twelfth-caliber, to avoid confusion with the ammunition. You can, as a reserve to have shotgun or trim the weaker, 12th caliber.


Without claiming to be the guru, I would advise to abandon complex multiply shotguns, pump. Also, do not reach for Western brands. The value of these trunks can and is great for hunting, where you can revel in the aesthetic and boast elegant expensive barrel in front of friends. However, in severe combat conditions - there is no equal weapons in Russia. I would recommend this set: 2-barreled gun MP-43 with 12-gauge and barrel length of 51cm (IZHMEH) Saiga-12s or Saiga-12k (Izhmash) any shotgun with a barrel length of a vertical 75 cm This weapon is just meets the requirements: it is a sturdy, unpretentious and very killer.

So, Shotguns purchased and waiting in the wings. We must make a very substantial stock of ammunition, as well as periodically go out of the city to practice shooting.

Pistols. The most popular and common among us, Makarov (PM), CT. Much more rare and not available to foreign pistols. Rifled guns can be purchased if you have a relationship to power structures (retiree) or a security company. To maintain a real battle, Guns are ineffective, even in urban conditions, and what can we say about the open spaces... But to have guns, as an auxiliary weapon, it is desirable.

Rifled automatic weapons - the most efficient and versatile equipment, as for the use of force, protection, and also for street fighting. The most common in our samples, the range of Kalashnikov assault rifles: AKM, AKSU, AK-74 AK-47, AK-101 - for the cartridges of 5.45 and 7.62 mm.


For various use of force may be indispensable: Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD), heavy machine guns of various models, RPG-7. Also, it would be good to get hand grenades, mines and explosives.

Now, legally you can only buy smoothbore hunting weapons, and under certain conditions - a gun. Everything else would have to produce at the beginning of the crisis, war, etc. The first option, when will the chaos in the military units will be a big problem with food. Go to the junior officer, warrant officer and a better promise him a part of your product inventory. And you make it: a few AK, some PM RPG-7 ammunition to all of this and a few grenades or explosives. :) The second option - looting and salvage on the ground collision of armed groups.



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