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In extreme environments, operate more efficiently in the presence of transport. Avotomobil, the bike - it can quickly cover a respectable distance away from the pursuit, to be more maneuverable. And if you'll have a fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers or other military equipment - that, plus everything firepower and armor.

Vehicles will not help you only in three cases. First, because of the large-scale disasters all the traffic is out of order or at least burnt electronics. Second, the air controls the opponent, and hide from helicopters unnoticed - it is easier on foot. Third, you need to secretly chosen to places of interest to you. In all other situations, your own vehicle is essential.

Let us examine what would be the best transport in a global catastrophe.

The car must have a high permeability. So the leaders of all types of RVs. Moreover, expensive foreign jeeps can yield even domestic UAZ, in terms of spare parts.

Economical fuel consumption - an important factor in the shortage of any resource. And though all the jeeps in one degree or another gluttonous, high throughput is a major trump them.


Important to have a roomy interior and trunk, as transport drive for nothing, no one will. Hence, the machine will always crowded to capacity by people, equipment, trophies.

The presence of the winch on the bumper, very welcome. This device will help.

Tuning a post-apocalyptic car is quite simple: most armor, but not at the expense of speed. That is, on the basis of ideal weight, you can load transport - an effective system of protection against bullets. If military action is underway, but the real threat is the impact of such intense radiation, radiation, etc. - You need to either construct the corresponding screens or eliminate long-distance transport and removals. Because, say, a strong radioactive radiation, metal machinery very quickly begins fonit.

If there is a need and opportunity, it should be put into a car navigation system.

It is very likely that the disaster scenario has led to shut down the Internet, cellular communications, the destruction of the entire satellite system - so that navigation can be performed only on his own label, as part of its local-system orientation. But this is the feature section of high-tech equipment.




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