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For extreme survival during the war or global catastrophe, you will need special equipment. What you'll be better equipped and equipped, the better your chances of survival in any dangerous situation. Let's try to figure out exactly what equipment is necessary to have and to prepare now.

First of all, clothing. You need to have a good, quality clothing and shoes - all of the military type, as adapted for the marching and fighting conditions. Looking for sets of clothes for different seasons: winter, summer, off-season.

In the event of war or other situations involving armed conflict - should have a set of personal protection against bullets and fragments: a bulletproof vest, a helmet. Possible options for combining the standard equipment, clothing with armored inserts-plates.


Necessary to have chemical protection suit. If we can get anti-radiation suit - will be very useful. Also, it is necessary to have a gas mask and supply of filters.

chemical protection suit

All of the above suits is desirable to store somewhere in the recesses, outside the city, on neutral territory. Set of clothes and armor - good to have a home.

In addition to the usual fashion field equipment such as knives, binoculars, first aid kit, signal kit, compass, firearms, communications equipment, high-tech equipment, tools, a set of cooking and storage of water (preferably set Airborne - water bottle, bowl, bowler, one) . Moreover, you should have a separate small, the minimum survival kit that is easy to carry away in his backpack. Second, the basic kit should be in the car or dispersed in hiding place outside the city, on neutral territory. On many items of equipment, we'll talk in more detail in future articles.

equipment military




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