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Movement in the desert

Go to the desert - one of the most difficult tests for humans. Not for nothing that special forces are throwing march through the desert, as the final test of survival. Especially difficult for a lone traveler, lost in the wilderness. In this article we will talk about the features and rules of movement in the desert.

Walk through the desert during the day - it is very difficult and dangerous. Without a significant supply of water near you and do pass. Ideally, the most hellish heat of the day should be to wait in a shelter, a move in the morning, evening and sometimes at night when the temperature is so high. Of shelter from the sun in the desert, we will talk specifically in another article. It would seem ideal to walk through the desert at night, when cool enough. But there are several problems: the night is more difficult to navigate and is a high risk to run into snakes, scorpions and tarantulas, which are active just at night. It makes sense to move to the desert only in the moonlit clear nights, and then, with great care to look under their feet. In such transitions can be guided by the stars.

A big problem for transitions in the desert is sand. Even a slight breeze picks up in the air myriad grains of sand - the sand gets in your eyes, ears and squeaks on your teeth. Completely avoid this is not possible, but limit the ingress of sand in unwanted places can with glasses (or dressings with slits) and turban (photo). This patch not only protects from the sand, but also from the scorching sun. To cool head and not get sunstroke, a bandage on his head should be moistened with water, and if she deficit - the urine.


Is very important for the transitions in the desert good shoes with thick soles. Otherwise, go to the desert - it's like that on a hot skillet. If the shoe does not quite appropriate, it can be enhanced by tightly wound from the outside with several layers of matter.




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Movement in the desert

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