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Survival in the swamp

Swamp - one of the most inhospitable of places where people have to survive. The complexity of survival lies in a swamp in the whole complex of problems: rugged terrain, the abundance of dangerous animals and other living creatures, the dominance of midges, high humidity, difficult to dry materials for a fire and a fire, lack of water suitable for drinking, difficulties with the production of food, poisonous fumes ; difficult to find a normal place for a halt. Today we will discuss how to solve all the problems mentioned above efficiently and survive in swamps.

Bogs are different. But as a rule, in the vast wetland areas are not very swampy, quite walkable areas impassable, lethal quagmire and completely dry, elevated areas with vegetation and trees. Typically, these types of sites are mixed. The task of choosing the route of passable and dry areas, avoiding the quagmire. Dry areas are determined by the rise of the terrain and the presence of trees. Willow bushes can grow close to the quagmire, but the tall trees, especially alder and pine, say at least a little, but area with a solid ground. Marsh determined by the almost complete lack of vegetation more sparse clumps and visible funnel. Going through the swamp, it is necessary to probe the ground in front of a solid long pole and try to jump from tussock to tussock. If, however, failed in the morass, to use a special technique to get out.

When passing through the swamp to try to periodically halts, to dry and ventilate the shoes up. Of permanent residence in swampy mire, the legs can be formed so-called "Trench-foot." You can not move, so - will perish.

Swamp movement

In swamps inhabited by the mass of dangerous animals. Danger is posed by venomous snakes, leeches, and especially the clouds of midges. Will not find it, if running into a crocodile or the beaver, defending their territory. In order not to run into a snake, you should try to control every step, and try to create more noise. Periodically obsmatrivayte themselves, and if you find leeches suck - remove them. From huge clouds of midges helps spread on exposed skin of marsh mud or feces of a beaver. If possible, during a fire and a halt dymovuha need to ward off mosquitoes, gnats.

In the bog wood a little. But halts, usually satisfied if there is a relatively dry area, and there may be trees, branches of which are dry. Also, wetlands can get dry peat - a great fuel for the fire. Peat should be cut where it mounds overlooking the marsh and fairly dry. Peat from the lower layers is too wet, dry it and you will not have time.

Swamp water can not drink. We must try to find a pure spring, lake or river, which often bordered marshes. Water should be filtered several times through the tissue, and activated carbon filters, and boiled.

The marshes can eat snakes, if you can catch and kill. Will be lucky if the turtle will fall. You can also hunt for small alligators, nutria, muskrats, beavers. In the marshes themselves to fish hard. But bogs are often bordered with quite serious lakes and rivers. That's where you can effectively fish. Also in the food are different insects, shellfish, roots, fruits, berries, some marsh plants. For example, a nice juicy roots of cattail, sedges.

Swamp plant

Of toxic gases in the marshes can be prevented by making a simple bandage to the respiratory tract (close your mouth and nose).

Place to camp overnight and should be chosen on the hill, where dry. If such places do not have, then we can find a more or less strong, spreading trees and build a stove in it. If only the place where you sleep, it was elevated above the marsh manure per meter and a half. There on the dais, you make out of branches, you can make a fire to keep warm, dry off, cook, and at the same time repel mosquitoes and wild animals that are particularly active at night.

Swamp night camp



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