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Orientation in the jungle

Orientation in the jungle very difficult task. In order not to lose his way in the humid equatorial and tropical forests should be used entirely special methods of orientation. On them, we'll talk in the current article.

The main problem for orientation in the jungle - the high canopy of trees called primary jungle and almost impassable, the same in all directions, thickets of secondary jungle.

Absolutely not get focus on the moss, as in the taiga forests and the middle band, where it grows abundantly on the north side of tree trunks and stumps. In the jungle, everything just zalepleno moss, and some laws do not work here.

Guided by the sun and the stars as to be practically impossible, since the canopy of trees densely cover the sky. Of course, if there is a gap in the crowns - must take advantage and try to navigate.

Even with a compass, you need to move to secondary jungle with special attention. All around so the same. Scientists have proved that if a person will go without benchmarks, it is 100% will go in circles because of features of the motor apparatus. So you need to schedule on short segments of significant landmarks (special trees, shrubs, boulders, elevation changes, etc.) and go to them.

In order not to stray from the chosen direction, forced his way through the secondary jungle, you can use simple trick. Taken a long, thin vine. One end is wound on himself, over his shoulder, and the free end, a length of 10-20 meters, pulled back. Going forward, we must turn around every 20-30 meters. If the climber stretches back through the trees and bushes, exactly, the direction is preserved. If a noticeable bend vines - you have deviated from the direction and should take adjustments.

Orient jungle

Good conductor in the jungle is the water, namely the streams and rivers. Any such flow will lead eventually to the river, and that - to people. In addition, the river - a source of food and water. To discover the area where the river flows into the jungle, you must go down the slopes, but it's certainly no guarantee. You can climb the highest tree, above the forest canopy. To shape the crowns can define a low ravine, where probably runs a water stream. To him and we should move forward.

Jungle river



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