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Bow and arrow

Hunting - practically the only way to get yourself high-calorie, meat, protein foods under conditions of extreme survival. The more effective weapon - the more successful hunt. Stone axes, stones, spears, clubs - that's fine. But too often, the animal was too cautious to the hunter after letting so close to take advantage of any of the above types of weapons. Need a tool capable to get an animal from a distance of not less than 20-30 meters, and not easy to get, but also kill or seriously injure. Such weapons could be a homemade bow and arrows.

The main elements that are necessary for the production of beef onions really - is the foundation for the bow, bowstring and arrow. For the basics of onion or a branch is taken from a solid plate, supple wood: acacia, ash, oak, maple, birch, hazel, beech and elm.


Need to handle a convenient tie cord to make it easier to hold the bow. On the shoulders of a bow made notches to secure the string. Need high-quality material for the string, so that it is not broke after a few shots. An ideal string is made of an inextensible cord, nylon cord, or woven from durable plant fibers, fibers made of durable rope, horse hair. On the string made two loops at the ends and stretch, crepe notch hinges on shoulder bow. Onion is ready - you can start making arrows.

bowstring on bow


Need for arrows perfectly aligned rods of solid wood or cattail stalks. If you can not find a perfectly flat bars, you can straighten out almost straight in front of it, warming them over a flame campfire. You can just sharpen a knife boom, but much more effective to use tips from sharp stone, animal bones, metal. Lugs are inserted into the split at the end of the boom and secure primatyvayutsya cord. For stabilizers Arrows use large feathers, pieces of solid leaves, thin wood veneer, thick paper, plastic.

Hunting with bow

A little practice, you can go on the hunt!



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Bow and arrow

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