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Building a raft

In extreme conditions often faced with the need to cross the water hazard (lake, large river, sea), rafted down the river, get off the deserted island. To solve all these problems need plavstredstvo. The simplest and best solution - build a raft or catamaran from scrap materials (trees, drift wood, twigs, vines). In this article we will talk about making rafts for a relatively long travel on water expanses.

So, you were going to have to build a simple craft. The first thing to pick up the basic material for the raft. This is 9 times out of 10 will be wood, large trees. There are two options to get the appropriate logs: cut live trees or using drift wood, old logs, thrown to the river or the ocean.


If you still do not snag or not enough, it is necessary to fell trees. We must choose trees with soft wood. They are usually more easily machined and have increased buoyancy, which is important for the raft (balsa suit, bamboo). If not in the presence of an ax or saw, the trees are too strong or thick to cut with a knife them, you can resort to tricks. Make a bonfire at the base of the tree and soon you will be able to fill up. And remember, you need to fell trees that are close to the river, not to have to drag heavy logs from the depths of the forest.


binding of raft

When there is enough material, timber, then proceed to the union of the flesh into a single structure. The logs must be firmly put on the shore. At the edge of the raft, the top and bottom, perpendicular to the logs, put the poles, solid stick the whole width of the raft. Now, you want to bind the logs together with the poles. Suitable for binding a strong rope, perhaps a piece of fiber from the ship's ropes, vines of the local jungle, sturdy vine or other climbing plants.

If the raft has turned too hard and you can not deliver it to the water, use the likeness of the rollers. On the way, between the flesh and water, put a few logs and raft slide easily through them. To control the raft should make an oar, rudder, sail or use a long pole.

On the raft

If there is a large piece of cloth, canvas or dome of a parachute, you can try to make a raft of different design. Of vines or willow twigs to weave round frame with a diameter of about 1.5m and obtyanut his cloth.

circular raft



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Building a raft

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