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Bond, James Bond...

Sometimes you just have to survive sadly. And sometimes, the circumstances of pushing not just survive, but really burn! :) Today we'll talk about extreme methods of movement, the most worthy of James Bond.

fast skis

Skiing and parasailing - 100% of drive. If to you a vast frozen lake or a large snowfield and you have to ski and a parachute - it may have something mind blowing. There remains the fourth factor, which should coincide - a fairly strong tailwind. Need to get up on skis, a parachute spread by the wind, and it will carry you with an arrow. So it is possible in a very short time to cross a considerable distance.

Running down

Running down. Appliances Special Forces. A special technique of descent on a rope. To skip a rope under his arm behind his back and grab the other arm at the hip. Need to escape the steep slope, perpendicular to the surface and parallel to veer the rope.

Crossing in the style of Commandos

Crossing in the style of Commandos. Across the river, ravine or other obstacle is stretched rope. We climb over the rope, holding it down and hand over hand. And effectively and efficiently. Little effort, this technique does not require that the main thing - technique. And its reach training.

of the mountain on a parachute

Rapid descent from the summit of the mountain on a parachute. If you need to come down from the mountains, it can be done slowly and quickly. If there is a parachute, it is necessary to straighten him behind his back, run up and down siganut. The parachute will help you safely plan in the valley. (But do not try to be up a similar trick in the mountains when the wind increases).


Tarzan never dreamed of! To cross the barriers, you can use the technology of Tarzan - fly them on a vine.


Yamakasi rest. Another method for rapid descent from the mountain, with a log-lasting pole.


Fast downhill

Extreme sled of reindeer skin. With the dead deer skin is removed. Make a frame of willow and tight his skin. We give the resulting sled to stand overnight in the cold - skin hardens. On such a sledge and equipment can be transported great to fly with snow-capped mountains.


Swimming on the floats out of his pants. It is necessary to cross the lake. In order to increase their buoyancy to remove pants, tie the ends of the legs nodes. Then, hit the water pants belt to his pants stayed in the air. Belt pull under the water and hold it - get a great float, where you can swim even a large lake.



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Bond, James Bond...

Sometimes you just have to survive sadly. And sometimes, the circumstances of pushing not just survive, but really burn! :)...

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