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Gathering secondary hunting

If you submit a good old man, our ancestor with you, that he was not quite so outstanding hunter. With primitive weapons, and not quite so fantastic and physical data - the ancient hunters are not so often brought to the cave mammoth, elk, buffalo, bison. But that our ancestors turned out very well, is to gather mushrooms, berries and pick up the remains of predators to prey. And it was the right approach!

In this article we will discuss how to produce meat is not a hunter and scavenger and as a marauder. And let it not sound noble and disgusting - but this is a highly effective method of survival. And pretend to be an English lord will when get out of scrapes.

Thus, the task of finding a dead predator or died by other means game and try to learn from this find something for yourself. How can detect carrion? There are three main features:

- Find a coincidence.

- Watch the sky. Where the vultures circling over one place - a sure sign of fall.

- Watch for a predator with a decent distance so most do not become prey. When the predator will kill the victim, you will be next.


When you find a carcass, be sure that the animal died recently and the meat still edible. If the meat smells and does a lot of larvae, it is not suitable for human consumption. If the meat is still warm, or not fully clotted blood - you can eat. Much longer the meat is preserved in the cold.

Even if the old carrion and meat is no longer possible, then you can still fuck with it procs. You can remove the skin and warm clothing or use it for other purposes. You can eat the larvae, which eat the foul meat. You can cut the fat of animal and used to maintain the fire and making torches. The bones of the animal may be useful for the manufacture of weapons or the necessary tools: axes, picks, chisels, digging sticks, needles, itp.


You can go even further. Do not just pick up carcasses for predators, and to attack them and beat their prey. After all, a predator, usually much quicker man. Sometimes, indeed, a clever predator successfully catches the game, and the man then left to drive him and pick up their prey. Of course, this trick can be done by selecting a fox or a rabbit, even a solitary wolf - a sheep. But do not meddle in tigers, lions itp large and ferocious predators. It remains only to pick up the remains when the animal shall be satisfied and go away, not closer to the point of time before the meal.



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