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Extraction of fresh water

When autonomous navigation on the high seas, acute issue of fresh drinking water. Around literally a sea of water, but all of it is salty - not suitable for drinking. How to be a man caught in the ocean without water supplies? How to get fresh water into the sea? These are the questions we answer in this article.

The easiest and most effective way to desalinate sea water - water distiller. It looks like this. Grab a bowl or other wide vessel. At the bottom put the empty mug. In a bowl pour the salty water. Cover bowl with polyethylene, cloth, etc. Fasten the film to the bowl with a rope or something else. Center, over a mug of placing a pebble or other small object. We put design in the sun. The principle of operation is pretty simple: sea water in the bowl evaporates, the film appears above the condensate, which flows to the center, due to lying on top weights, a drop of condensate dripping into the cup - it is fresh, potable water.

As we see, from a rather simple set of available tools can make a simple distiller and get the necessary fresh water. Naturally, you can apply different variants of the distiller, on the same principle. If it is possible to make a fire and there is an iron cookware - can desalinate water in times faster than the sun.

But what if not anything else to make that product, distiller? There is another option to provide a life-saving moisture. Marine fish, marine animals, sea birds - all of them have fluid in the tissues, blood, finally. Due to the biofilter in the gills, marine fish are not salty. Eating fish, using her blood - can be replenished supply of necessary fluids in the body. Means must be able to catch the fish. You need to have a fishing line, hooks, bait, or contrive and to replace those elements of some materials at hand. Scaffold can be made from threads, spreading a piece of cloth and woven from the fibers like a cord to use other fibrous materials are available. Hooks can be made from wire, pins, fish bones, etc. Bait can be a similarity tyrant: pieces of fabric, thread, plastic, cut fringe of a condom. When caught small fish - it can be cut into small pieces and used as a nozzle.

If there is a motivation to survive - a means for solving problems always exist, even in the most unexpected places and forms. It must be remembered and never give up.



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Extraction of fresh water

When autonomous navigation on the high seas, acute issue of fresh drinking water. Around literally a sea of water, but...