Modern man further and further from nature, from her wild and dangerous substance. We travel in cars, flying in airplanes. We live in a warm, protected from external influences homes. Buy food at the store. Cooking it on gas or electricity. Communicate by phone or via the Internet.

And how does such a person is helpless, being outside of civilization - of wild areas, without means of subsistence. Our project "Methods of extreme survival", intended to fill gaps in knowledge of modern man in such an important science, like survival. This theoretical knowledge. Something you can try out hiking, modulated by an extreme situation. Something may apply only to a certain climate and natural environment. But you must admit: knowledge is half the skill.

The materials of our site you can find the key techniques of survival:

- Downhill skiing at different times, day and night, in different natural zones;

- Extraction of water, even in the most difficult and arid regions of our planet;

- Production of fire with the help of improvised means in different situations and climates;

- Production of food and its preparation;

- Regulation of movement of dangerous wild localities of our planet;

- Construction and installation of shelters for the night and protection from the weather and other hazards;

- Ability to anticipate and avoid the dangers - wild animals, natural obstacles and phenomena;

- Submission of distress when help is at hand;

In our virtual tour of the most extreme and difficult for the survival of the regions of our planet, we will visit:

- The endless expanse of ocean;

- Virgin jungle and tropical forests;

- Absolutely anhydrous, hellish deserts;

- Uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean;

- Deep, impassable taiga;

- Forbidding and majestic mountains;

- Ice expanse of the far north and the Antarctic;

And in all these areas we will learn how to fight and to coexist with the forces of nature, which means - to survive!



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