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In this section of our site contains a small library - books on survival in extreme conditions. Human interaction with wildlife and science to survive - popular topic for books and treatises since ancient times. Still, life - one of the highest values ??for humans. And the world, wildlife has never possessed the safety and suitable for human life. Weather and natural disasters, adverse climatic conditions, different predators, disease, infection - this is not a complete list of hazards which brings us wildlife.

Humanity and civilization created many works about survival. Today, on this theme is carried a lot of training, removed TV shows, Internet sites are about survival. But, despite the progressive nature of the above forms of knowledge transfer - nothing can replace books and encyclopedias on science to survive.

In fact, the science of survival are much larger and bulkier than it might seem. Orientation of the sun and stars - it's astronomy. Making fire by friction or lenses - it's physics. Knowledge of edible plants and animals - it's biology. And there are examples of mass. Virtually every survival skill is based on some of the basic sciences. Books, of course - the best source of knowledge to cover associated with the survival of the discipline, the largest volume.

We present a book about survival and the related fields of knowledge. Here are the works of local and foreign authors of different times. We hope that this compilation will be a good tool for those interested in the science of survival.

All the books in our library, you can download for free directly from the server site. Enjoyable and informative reading!

Our friend - book about basketry.



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